June 2014

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In this issue:

  • Ingmar Bergman: His Life in Film
  • Ullmann Proceeds Bergman’s Legacy
  • Saraband
  • Stage Dust and Trinket: Bergman and Ozu
  • Bergman’s Influence on Woody Allen
  • The Sacrifice
  • The Great Dialogist
  • The Saddest Shot in the History of Cinema
  • Medieval Art in The Seventh Seal
  • Cheating Death: Chess in The Seventh Seal
  • Bergman, Black Metal and Hour of the Wolf
  • Persona
  • Television’s Influence on Bergman
  • Art and Artifice: Theatre and Circus
  • Let the Right One In: The Stage Show
  • New TV Drama: The Legacy

This is a digital magazine that is available for download as a PDF.

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